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Posted By Christoph Pienaar

Welcome to the Blog! We do hope that you find the posted information useful and that we can start some good conversation, tip sharing and help provide further information regarding our industry. To start with, we wanted to address a question that people quite often deliberate at great length – should I carpet my house? Should I go through the expense of having carpets and what are the benefits? Well we have prepared a little graphic below to outline some of the key reasons that we believe are a good argument for having carpets throughout your home.


For starters, carpets will help to dampen sound. They help to keep noise controlled within a room and eliminated the echo you often get with floorboards and will also prevent slipping when floors become wet. The second point that we like to raise is that by installing carpets, you can make a room truly individual with an assortment of colours and designs available, its clear to see why many prefer carpet over wood or laminate flooring.

We then move onto the practical implications that carpets and rugs can offer. They provide insulation to keep a room at a consistent temperature. Warm in the winter months and cooler during the hotter summer months. Carpet will on the whole, provide a much cleaner environment within your home but care must be taken to keep your carpets properly clean – that where we come in!

Posted by Christoph Pienaar

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