Modern & Persian Rug Cleaners Durban

Our team of expert cleaners can effectively and affordably transform your old, discoloured or dirty looking Persian, Modern or Oriental rug to its former glory in no time! We are closely regarded as the best Rug Cleaners in Durban and with our 100% customer satisfaction record to date; it’s easy to see why!

Dirt, dust and grime build up on your rug through every day use will over time, cause it to look discoloured and old and can spoil the overall appearance of your home. As specialist Persian Rug Cleaners Durban, we can restore your treasured rug, actively deep cleaning the fibres to revive the original colours and features once more. We offer a pick up and drop off service to ensure your rug arrives back to you safe and looking like new again.

Persian rug cleaning Durban

Using specialist cleaning equipment, we clean and restore your rug using safe but effective cleaning chemicals. The process required with rugs is somewhat different to that of cleaning a standard carpet and care must be taken with older, antique or more delicate rug types. We firstly vacuum the rug to remove the surface dust and dirt and then wash it through with an industry leading, PH Neutral shampoo to remove any stains and to clean deep into the fibres. For larger rugs, we use a rotary cleaner or steam cleaning methods. We then hand brush the rug before removing excess water by using a roller and powerful extraction machine. The process is repeated as necessary but usually one application does the trick. We then place the rug in our temperature controlled drying room where its left overnight to ensure any moisture is removed completely

We cater for any rug cleaning in Durban regardless of the make, type, size or colour. We guarantee dramatic results every time leaving you with a professionally cleaned Persian rug, Oriental rug, modern rug or antique rug in no time. No job is too big or too small for our expert team in Durban so why not give us a call today for a hassle free, low cost rug cleaning solution.

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