Upholstery Cleaners Durban

We are the best and most professional upholstery cleaners Durban has to offer with a team of specialists trained in the art of deep cleaning and tough stain removal to make sure your home furnishings and upholstery is looking like new again in no time. If you have bad marks or stains, bad odours or just old, discoloured and dirty looking home furnishings, give us a call today!

We cover any soft furnishing within your home that requires cleaned from sofas, armchairs, dining room chairs, full 3 piece suite cleaning, cushions, cushion covers and curtains, we are a one stop shop for all your requirements and offer the best cleaning solutions within Durban for your home or office!

upholstery cleaners durban

We use a range of professional cleaning methods to make your home sparkle again! Our process is on the whole very straight forward and we use industry leading quick drying chemicals to ensure a fast solution. We use steam cleaning, deep cleaning and hot water extraction to ensure we clean deep to the route of the fabric, eliminating bacteria, stains, spills, dust and dirt with ease.

Our upholstery cleaning in Durban is quick, easy and provides a truly dramatic result! Firstly, we will vacuum your upholstery to remove the surface dust and dirt. We then apply a dry shampoo which is left to rest so that the cleaning agents can break down stubborn dirt or stains within the fabrics fibres. We then use the hot water extraction method to remove the shampoo along with all the bad odour and dirt build up. This method actually cleans and dries your fabric simultaneously to leave minimal moisture – the end result is clean, dry and fabulous looking upholstery in less than 2 hours!

Whatever you requirements might be and whatever the circumstances are, we can provide an expert, low cost solution to make your home sparkle again! Just give our Professional Upholstery Cleaners Durban a call today on 031 100 1915 and let us do the hard work for you!

upholstery cleaning durban